We are a record label, song catalog and music production company. We specialize in Contemporary and Latin music. We are a one-stop shop for music licensing and own both master and sync for easy clearance.

Beat Chamber provides music for TV, Film, Commercials, Video Games, Websites, Multimedia, Ringtones, etc. We are a one-stop shop for music licensing and own both master and sync for easy clearance.
We have our entire catalog in DVD format. The DVD has all the music sorted by both styles and albums. All mp3s are encoded with all the meta data ready for itunes. We also have AIFF and WAVE formats available upon request. Please contact us to receive our DVD.

Single Song Licensing – License any song from our entire catalog for any of your projects. Choose from our record label or from our production music.

Custom Music – If you cannot find what you need in our catalog we can create it from scratch for your project.

Trailers – Custom composition for your trailer. We also offer music editing from our existing song catalog.
Blanket Licensing (Bulk Licensing) – Select from our vast variety of unique instrumental songs that can be licensed as a package. Contact us for further details.

Advertising – Custom music and sound design for advertising. Both original composition and song licensing available.

Producing Artists – Work with our experienced producers to enhance your music and take it to the next level. This includes writing, recording, mixing and mastering.

For licensing agreements, pricing and further information please contact:

E-mail: [email protected]

Danny Osuna

Owner – Composer – Producer
(213) 324-5524

Jonathan Merkel

Owner – Composer – Producer
(818) 322-6745

Danny is a composer/ songwriter/ producer of both cutting edge modern music and traditional composition. He is educated in various styles of music and his ability to compose for different styles and genres is limitless. Drawing from a vast knowledge of Latin music in particular, his works deliver a rich and distinct sound.

Danny Osuna was born September 22, 1977 in Laredo, Texas. He began his musical development by seriously undertaking the guitar at the age of twelve. Danny has created hundreds of original musical compositions, many of which have been featured in films, television, commercial programming, web sites, and theatre. Learn more about Danny at his website


Jonathan is a songwriter/ producer/ composer versed in various styles of music. He studied guitar from a young age, learning other instruments and skills along the way. He later studied at Musicians Institute, UCLA Extension and at Berklee online which broadened his knowledge of music and the music business.

Jonathan has worked with many artists including Rina Cervantes, Ross Rebel Baker, Malise, Rabia Ciega, Divine Heresy and many more. He has written and co written hundreds of songs and instrumental tracks that have been featured on television, films, commercials, albums, etc. Learn more about Jonathan at his website:


What is Beat Chamber?

Beat Chamber is a Contemporary Song Catalog and Production company. We produce and license music for film, TV and multimedia projects. We also sell our artist CD’s through our record label, Beat Chamber Records.

What is Beat Chamber Records?

Beat Chamber Records is our indie label. We find and produce unique musical talent. Our artist CD’s are distributed and available through CD Baby, iTunes and other vendors.

Who are the owners?

Beat Chamber was established in 2005 by partners Danny Osuna and Jonathan Merkel.