Hello! 2015 has been a busy year for us. First we would like to announce several new artists on our record label. Montuno Soul is our new Latin Soul project and Siara Ochoa with new Mariachi/Mexican Folk songs. Finally, we just finished producing 2 new Hip Hop songs with Ross Rebel Baker.

We have several new Hip Hop artists coming out soon. We also have a Reggae project on the way, all coming out before the end of 2015.

Here are some of our top placements for 2015.

California Milk commercial

The Perfect Guy (Sony Pictures) “Grita La Gente” by Rabia Ciega
The Perfect Guy (Sony Pictures) “Ready for Battle REMIX by KT Scene”

Max (Warner Bros) – “Mami Baila” by Skeey

Last Man On Earth Episode – “Te Deje” by Panta Meza Y Su Banda

99 Homes (Broad Green Pictures) “Las Quiero Igual”, ” Buscando un Nuevo Amor” & “Un Secreto” by Todo Cien

After Words (Indie Film) – “Bailando Cumbia” by Danny Osuna

Crossing Streets (Indie Film) – “Movement” by Ross Rebel Baker

Looking (HBO) – “Eres Tu” by Cuñao
Looking (HBO) – “Quiero Bailar” by Danny Osuna
Looking (HBO) – “Cuidate” by Rabia Ciega

Complications (USA) – “Circulos” by Malise

Rosewood (Fox) – “Buscando Un Nuevo Amor” by Todo Cien

From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey) – “El Corrido del Ramon El Chivo” by Oscar Cantañedos

Coming soon…

I Live for You (Indie Film) – “Ponte A Bailar” by Enzo

Borderland (Indie Film) – “La Muerte” by Rabia Ciega –
Borderland (Indie Film) – “Fuego” by Malise –
Borderland (Indie Film) – “Lleve by Oscar Castañedos” – Borderland (Indie Film)